The Only Constant:
How to Manage Change 
in the Era of Employee Experience

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As we’re wrapping up 2023 (already??) and finalizing plans for 2024 (almost!), there’s a lot of change to account for.  

Economic uncertainty means on-again, off-again hiring plans. The post-pandemic return-to-office reluctance means struggles to ensure equity without creating double standards. Shifting consumer expectations mean companies must upskill, cross-skill, and motivate employees to meet new demands – today and tomorrow. 

And of course, the goal is always to do more with less. Ready? 

Join us for a candid conversation about coping with change, managing expectations, and keeping employees at the heart of your strategic planning. 

  • Hiring to meet tomorrow’s needs 
  • Recharging your L&D programs for reskilling and upskilling
  • Utilizing employee feedback to shape effective policy changes 
  • Keeping employees engaged and motivated to learn and grow together 

Take time now to reflect and recharge as we head into this season of frenzy and festivity. Register today and we’ll see you soon. 😊 
Meet your hosts:

VP of Success, Sogolytics

With experience in training, building culture, and implementing technology solutions to support customer and employee experience, Melissa's focus is on empowerment, understanding, and, of course, success.    

Senior Account Manager, Sogolytics

Mary loves this season of change, including the seemingly controversial PSL. A partner to our clients, Mary provides support and advice to leaders across industries in utilizing feedback to improve experiences for all.   

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