Strategic Magic:
How Journey Mapping Can
​​​​​​​Transform Employee Experience

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Are your employees on track?

While mapping the customer journey is an increasingly common practice in the world of customer experience management, mapping the employee journey is surprisingly rare. 

Join us for a practical session on how employee journey mapping can prove to be a valuable tool in your employee experience toolbox. 
WE'LL DISCUSS: ​​​​​​​
  • Building an employee journey map 
  • Identifying key metrics to measure at each stage 
  • Turning employee feedback into actionable insights to power continuous improvement 

If you want to retain top talent and build engagement, don’t miss this opportunity to turn the magic of mapping into strategic success! 

Meet your host:

VP of Success, Sogolytics

With experience in training, building culture, and implementing technology solutions to support customer and employee experience, Melissa's focus is on empowerment, understanding, and, of course, success.

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