Top Sogolytics Features & Solutions of 2023

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2023 #FavoriteThings: Top Sogolytics Features & Solutions

With a new year just around the corner, it's time to reflect!

Join our annual #FavoriteThings webinar as we review and celebrate some of our most popular updates and features of the year. Don't leave 2023 without these!

Whether you've been with us for a while or it's all new to you, there will be plenty of insights for everyone to power up survey success in the new year. 

Plus, we're feeling festive – no lectures here! We'll have games and giveaways, true-life success stories (and a few scary ones, too!), and good times all around! Want to share your insights? Register now and we'll follow up!
  • Uncover the latest and most-loved platform features of 2023
  • Test your knowledge of the hidden gems in the Sogolytics platform 
  • Find out how your survey best practices stack up within our community of users 
  • Learn the most common mistakes of 2023 – and how to avoid them! 

See you soon!

Meet your hosts:

VP of Success, Sogolytics

Among Melissa’s favorite things are words, the color green, and success. She’s also fond of 360 projects, logic, and actually laughing out loud.   

Senior Account Manager, Sogolytics

Mary’s favorite things include the indisputably cutest miniature Schnauzer in the world – Pringles – and David S. Pumpkins. She’s also a big fan of Text Analysis.  

Account Manager, Sogolytics

Paige’s favorites include listening to the same song repeatedly all day, her daughter and dogs, and teeny tiny seed beads. She’s also all about CX Tags and Dynamic Contact Lists. 

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