Fight The Burnout:

A Master Class on Prioritizing Employee Well-Being 

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As organizations everywhere scramble to address employee burnout and work-life balance, many teams are reexamining and expanding employee wellness programs.  

Interestingly, a recent Deloitte study showed that 91% of C-suite executives believe their team members know they care about employee well-being. However, only 56% of employees actually think execs care.
As one in three employees and execs grapple with fatigue and poor mental health, 68% of employees and 81% of C-suite leaders now say that improving their well-being is more important than advancing their career. 

Key question: Is your organization prepared to succeed in the brave new world of genuine work-life balance, or will you struggle to retain and attract top talent? 

Bring your ideas and insights to this 45-minute workshop as we share expertise and experience in tackling this critical topic, including: 
  • The role of leaders in defining well-being culture 
  • Why great well-being initiatives fail 
  • How to tackle the root causes of burnout and quiet quitting 
  • Strategic proactive and reactive approaches to employee wellness 
Roundtable Facilitated by

VP of Success, Sogolytics

With experience in training, building culture, and implementing technology solutions to support employee experience, Melissa's focus is on empowerment, understanding, and, of course, success. 

Director of Product Marketing, Sogolytics

Natasha is a customer advocate with experience helping organizations across multiple industries to better understand and engage their audience — prospects, customers, and partners. 

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