​​​​​​Fueling Customer Confidence and Trust:
8 Critical Data Security Practices for Businesses


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Doing business in the age of digital transformation comes with both an opportunity to generate customer data insights that fuel your business growth and a responsibility to keep customer data private and secure. 
While consumers increasingly adopt digital technology, they also become more intentional about the data they share – and with whom. Brands that fail to deliver on security promises immediately lose market trust – and market share. The stakes are high and it’s critical that your approach to data security earns the confidence of your customers and your prospects. 
Ready to turn data protection and security into a business advantage?

We are hosting a HUGE webinar with security leaders from Sogolytics and the Ministry of Finance Qatar to talk about data security best practices that can make all the difference: 
  • Critical data security practices for those dealing with customer data: real-life examples and outcomes 
  • Marketing and communication tips to address customer concerns on data security and privacy 
  • Questions your organization needs to ask when evaluating vendors from a cybersecurity point of view 
Can’t attend live? Register anyway, and you’ll get the recording in an email after the webinar.
Meet your hosts

CEO, Sogolytics

Hamid Farooqui is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Sogolytics (formerly SoGoSurvey) and CTO of K12Insight. Hamid started his tech career as a geeky programmer during the dot com boom and has expertise in all its related technologies, from Software as a Service (SaaS), to cloud computing, and mobile applications. He was an early member of the technology team that designed, built, and launched Oracle’s e-Travel's corporate travel tool using C++ and the then-brand-new WAP. In recognition of his strong performance and technology management skills, Hamid rose through successive promotions to serve as the division’s Director of Engineering. After e-Travel was acquired by Amadeus, Hamid led the integration of two complex technology platforms in both the U.S. and Europe. His current company, Sogolytics, is known for best-in-class security, customer service, and customer experience. ​​​​​​​

Cyber Security Expert, Ministry of Finance Qatar

With more than 25 years of Experience in Banking, Financial Institution, Government and Technology Sectors, Khalid Lakdawala brings with him 18+ years of core experience in Cyber Security, Data Protection, and Data Privacy. With Cyber Security Leadership positions in many large Financial Institution, Technology and Government Sector, he has executed many successful and effective Cyber Security Transformation Programs, Data Governance & Privacy Programs, and various Regulatory Compliance Programs (GDPR, Privacy Law, Cyber Crime Law, HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc.). He has worked closely with Qatar Government for Successful Implementation of Qatar FIFA 2022 Cyber Security Framework and Qatar National Cyber Security Strategy within Ministry. 

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