​​​​​​How to Effectively Measure Customer Experience
and Prove ROI


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How many customers can you afford to lose to competitors with better CX? Proving the ROI of customer experience is essential if you want your company’s leadership to continue investing in your CX program.
Through years of experience, we’ve found that struggling CX programs have a few things in common. Some track CX metrics that have nothing to do with the organization’s goals – leading to wasted time and effort. Others present data that’s unclear or even misleading – leading to ineffective analysis and action planning. Still others struggle to collect any real CX data in the first place -- and are therefore unable to show the value of the program. 

Ready to reevaluate your efforts and discover effective strategies to evolve your CX program? This webinar is for you! Join us to discuss and learn: 
  • How to choose the right CX metrics based on your business goals 
  • How to deliver a consolidated view of CX insights across the organization 
  • How to use CX insights to drive strategic adjustments and decision-making 
  • How to show the ROI of your CX program 

Don’t miss this opportunity to fuel up with fresh, actionable ideas and start making a difference. Register now! 
Meet your hosts:

Chief Revenue Officer, Sogolytics

As Chief Revenue Officer at Sogolytics, Haris has used his wide range of experience to align sales and marketing with product development to deliver solutions that customers value. He leads a team that focuses on discovering high-impact revenue growth activities and pursuing them from conceptualization to execution. 

Director of Sales, Sogolytics

Ian holds more than 10 years of enterprise sales experience and product expertise. He has helped  organizations nationwide to optimize their experience management programs, boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve online reputation.

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