L&D Strategies Gone Wrong:
​​​​​​​Delivering Better Training in 2023 


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Today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace requires companies to adapt quickly and invest in continuous learning. In North America, the 2023 training budget topped $180 billion!

Still, even some organizations that prioritize training struggle to attract and retain the right talent. 
Halfway through 2023, are you on track? How confident are you that your organization’s training and development strategy is helping you to close skill gaps, develop potential, and retain talent? 
Join the conversation as we reflect on ways to evaluate training success and set yourself up for future development. 
  • Data-driven approach to designing L&D programs 
  • How to ensure successful staregy execution and scale-up 
  • Measuring the impact of L&D on business performance 
  • Leveraging the voice of the employee 
Bring your use cases and questions to this 45-minute workshop as we share expertise and experience in tackling this important initiative. 

Meet your hosts

VP of Success, Sogolytics

With experience in training, building culture, and implementing technology solutions to support employee experience, Melissa's focus is on empowerment, understanding, and, of course, success.

Director of Product Marketing, Sogolytics

Natasha is a customer advocate focused on helping organizations to better understand and engage their audience — prospects, customers, and partners.   

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