How to turn detractors to promoters 
in 6 months


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Nobody doubts the value that customer loyalty plays in driving business success. Whether we call them patients, members, buyers, or clients, when customers are loyal, they choose you over competition, enthusiastically promote your business to others, and essentially make the difference between your growth and failure.

Do you measure NPS and know what percentage of your customers are promoters? Do you know how much more value they bring to your business compared to passives or detractors? And likely the most important question: Are your CX efforts driving a positive NPS dynamics? 
A global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and an AI revolution keep shifting customer expectations to new heights. If you aren’t constantly listening and diving to the root causes of customer choices – you might be missing the boat. 
If you are planning for growth this year, join this workshop to hear how successful businesses use data-driven approaches to yield tangible results by successfully turning detractors into promoters and improving overall customer loyalty.  
  • Understand NPS methodology to identify detractors, passives, and promoters 
  • Why focus on detractors: lessons from our financial industry clients  
  • How to use customer feedback data to estimate the impact of planned actions on customer loyalty 
  • Proven 5-step methodology to turn detractors into promoters in 6 months 
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Chief Revenue Officer, Sogolytics

As Chief Revenue Officer at Sogolytics, Haris Azmi has used his wide range of experience to align sales and marketing with product development to deliver solutions that customers value. He leads a team that focuses on discovering high-impact revenue growth activities and pursuing them from conceptualization to execution.  ​​​​​​​

Director of Product Marketing, Sogolytics

Natasha is a customer advocate focused on helping organizations to better understand and engage their audience — prospects, customers, and partners.   

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