​​​​​​"Save Our Surveys" Workshop:
The March Madness Edition!

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It's time for the next edition of one of our most popular webinars! 'SOS: How to Spot and Correct Survey Mistakes' is back, and just in time for March Madness!

​​​​​​​Getting ready to launch your next survey project – but worried that you’re not actually ready?? Even small mistakes can lead to low response rates, poor quality data, and a waste of time and energy. 
Worry no more: We’ve got your SOS signal! 
Join our free “SOS: Save Our Surveys” online workshop to train your eye to spot survey mistakes and discover the best remedies alongside industry peers and experts. This session is designed to help participants learn and grow confidence in conducting online surveys. 
  • Real-life survey examples to analyze and improve 
  • Live brainstorm of the best ways to fix the mistakes 
  • A tournament-style showdown of the worst survey fails (and how to avoid them!) 

SOS is one of our favorite live events and we're excited to host this session in the midst of March Madness! Join the frenzy as we bracket our way toward better surveys and winning seasons!
Meet your host:

VP of Success, Sogolytics

With experience in training, building culture, and implementing technology solutions to support customer and employee experience, Melissa's focus is on empowerment, understanding, and, of course, success.    

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