Uncovering the Secret to Delivering
VIP-Level Resident Experience 


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Your mission: To provide high-quality service while maximizing resources and doing more with less.
To achieve this mission, you need high-quality real-time data. Unfortunately, inadequate feedback systems throughout the resident journey can result in missed chances to deliver VIP-level experiences.

Long-term care organizations face a unique blend of resident and employee experience challenges—and they need a solution to help them navigate the rapidly churning market and come out on top.  

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​​​​​​​Key takeaways: 
  • How to use surveys as strategic business drivers  
  • How to capture a holistic view of resident experience across touchpoints 
  • How to shift from point-in-time reports to actionable analytics  
  • How to manage compliance, risk, and your reputation 
  • How to optimize with cost-efficient, resource-responsible solutions

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Meet your hosts:

VP of Patient Experience (PX) Division, Sogolytics

Brian is a healthcare sales and marketing leader who focuses on enabling providers to deliver better patient experiences, more equity in healthcare access, and transparency of care outcomes.

Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Elevate Care

Katy's experience and expertise connect the core values of healthcare with the magic of marketing: storytelling, building relationships, and developing stronger brands. Balancing both resident and employee engagement priorities, she works to improve experiences for all.

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